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doilies in quilts

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by , 12-26-2017 at 07:58 AM (311 Views)
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A few more photos
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Someone asked me to post photos of what I`m doing using doilies. I`m not very good at resizing and posting so hope I got a few in. So far I`ve made 4 and am working on my 5th. One is in red and was quilted by Charisma for me. I made a peach one for her. She has quilted that one and you can view photos of it as well as the red one on her site. I added doilies to my embroidered ladies . That one is not quilted yet. I`m also working on a new one which is all in blue(well except for the doilies) . If the photos haven t all gone through I will try and post more on this thread. thank you for looking!!
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  1. RCSusan's Avatar
    How are you stitching in the doilies?
  2. roguequilter's Avatar
    these are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! i hope you are able to post more pics in near future. i have only wandered in to look at the blogs here on the Board once before, but since the current threads page is down this morning, i thought i'd check to see if the blogs would work. it did ....and i am sooooo glad! because of this post i will certainly be checking blogs routinely now.
    i have a huge assortment of beautiful doilies acquired from estate auctions while living in the east. some colored, mostly white or off white. i love your use of various parasol ladies, sue & sue type embroideries in blocks surrounded by doilies. i hope you don't mind, but i plan to start work on designing wall quilts and pillows, maybe even a quilt using your inspired idea. they say imitation is sincerest form of flatery and in this case it is soooo true! i am very sincere in my desire to imitate your original work and would give you full credit as the source for my inspiration.
    ...so now ...off to work on and finish up current project, last winter's unfinished project and start the design work on next winters project. thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting this blog and ..sorry , but i am sooo glad that the Board wasn't working and allowing me my usual a.m. read!
    ...and yes ..i will finish this winters' project. it's a thank you to dear friend of mine & hubby's who has been instrumental in helping me deal with personal health crisis that evolved in spring of 2017 & stubbornly has persisted on into new year.

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