Donated quilts and IRS

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by , 11-17-2013 at 05:26 AM (1307 Views)
Does anyone else make quilts specifically to donate? Last year I sent 30 quilts (twin bed size) and 15 pillows to a children's cancer support group and when I did my taxes (credit for donations) I was only able to deduct a few dollars for each quilt. Each quilt had at least $50 worth of materials without counting thread and time actually quilting and binding (and not counting the $130 postage to mail all the packages).

This year I made 17 to give to my local children's hospital.

Any ideas on how to get better deduction from IRS?


  1. LD...'s Avatar
    Save your receipts!!!! You need to also write what organization on the receipt the quilts are going. It is also good to keep track of your time invested. Your volunteer time is also tax deductible.
  2. Judylee2's Avatar
    I agree with L.D., I quilt for others and I donate time and materials to charity. I have been allowed to deduct labor costs and all supplies including thread from my taxes. Also if you donate your time to teach a charity how to piece or quilt, you can deduct that as well. Good luck and do a little more home work so no one leads you astray! lol
  3. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    WOW. It was TurboTax that lead me astray. Even their on-line 'ask a question of the community' never gave me any info. Each one of those quilts had a minimum of $50 of materials, not to mention the hours of labor. Guess this year I'll go another tax route instead of TurboTax.

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