Donating quilts

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by , 03-27-2012 at 11:58 AM (926 Views)
I have a bunch of odds and ends blocks...thinking of making some small quilts to donate...does anyone do this or can give me information on where to start here?
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  1. w7sue's Avatar
    When I make quilts from orphans, I usually use a small black print for the sashing - somehow it usually makes all the blocks play together better. My first one was adopted by my niece when she was expecting her daughter - she was moving to Minnesota and I brought out my stash of quilts and each member of her family got to choose one to take with them (it would be their Christmas present that year) so I wouldn't have to choose them and mail them in December. She chose the orphan quilt and I couldn't talk her into what I thought was a prettier quilt - she loved this one - still makes me smile just thinking about it. She proved that day that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - lol
  2. patski's Avatar
    I collect all the odd blocks for my guild and plan to make "sampler" quilts! I think most guilds do charity quilts, also if you want to make a quilt a nursing home or VA hospital will take them There are so many out there that appreciate our skills.

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