dye cottage for a quilter at heart

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by , 08-01-2013 at 06:51 PM (1217 Views)
Well it is finished!! my cottage is ready to work in! Only a couple of places where I should paint, but not to worry, I have moved in, washer, dryer, heater, dyes, paints, buckets, both 25 one gal. ones and 4, 5 gal. table and 2 chairs, a small CD player so I can have music. My dye books, and my tools. All moved in! The only thing I can't move in is my PFD fabric, I have 6 bolts of 60" wide, 25 yd bolts, will cut Pieces in my studio and take out as needed.
I could spend days out there, and just might, but have to clean and get my studio all streightend out, can not stand it a mess. Then I can go out and play, big time.

I want to get some fabric dyed as I am going on a quilt retreat in Sept. and want to take some along to make my quilt out of. Pattern calls for 3&1/2 yards of darks and the same for lights, So think I will do up at least a bolt and then have some to pick and choose from.

Happy stitching all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`leaha
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