Dysfunctional families and a death.....

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by , 12-09-2011 at 02:29 PM (933 Views)
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I don't know if this is allowed to be talked about here or not, but if so I'd like to tap into your experiences....

My mother, who I've not spoken with in almost twenty years due to an extremely abusive childhood, died Saturday morning. Even when she knew she was dying, she chose not to attempt to make things right, which was pretty hurtful. Neither my sister or brother let me know (we've had a distant relationship as I'm the one who needed 'help', who wouldn't come back to the 'family'), I read about it in a facebook posting of my niece's. I've also not contacted either of them since finding out about it. Would you?

My niece sent me a facebook message saying everything was being split equally between all the siblings, (Wow-she didn't cut me out of her will!) and therefore was asking for my ok to buy my mother's house at below market value. She neither mentioned what that market value was, nor how much she was willing to pay. Nor did she offer any feelings of sympathy to me.

Apparently my sister, the executor, has 60 days in which to notify me and give me a copy of the will. Does anyone know if I should speak with a lawyer, or just trust that I will get the rightful share? And before that sounds cold-hearted to any of you, this money is the 'be all, end all' to me as I feel like I'm finally getting paid for all that was done to me, made off me; and all the years of not having a 'mom' or any of my family of origin.

What actions, if any, would you all do?
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  1. TanyaL's Avatar
    This was a thread in Chit and Chat but I can't find it now. What happened?
  2. sharon b's Avatar
    I would contact an attorney and let that person deal with the family - probably best for you in the long run
  3. almodent's Avatar
    follow your heart but speak to an attorney i personally would donate everything to an abusive childrens shelter and keep living what sounds like a a relatively good life good luck
  4. MollieSue's Avatar
    Apparently someone complained, so it was moved to my diary, and the moderator then suggested I could 'blog' it as my diary was years old and full of old stuff.
    And thank you everyone. My daughter's instructor/lawyer called me back and will contact the estate lawyer on Monday to get a copy of the will, and other info if possible. And he's not charging me for doing so! Said he'll only charge if down the road I need him to do something.
  5. Grace creates's Avatar
    I wish you the best in moving toward a healthy and happy future . enjoy your side of creating beautiful things and focus on the good in this world. It really is all around us, and sometimes we look to hard at the misfortunes that we cannot change. A lawyer may help if you really want the monetary funds.

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