Embroidery machine quilt backs

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by , 06-11-2014 at 03:17 AM (1303 Views)
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I am exploring the possibilities of quilting ITH, but am skeptical of the quilt backs. What are your techniques? It looks like you hoop the back, batting, and front, then use the embroidery machine to appliqué and quilt... which leaves an ugly backing. And then it seems the blocks are joined with sashing, which I am not overly fond of. Are there any methods that result in a nice looking quilt back?
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  1. Cactus Stitchin's Avatar
    Not sure how well I can explain this but here's what I have seen at my LQS; after finishing the quilt squares the sash as you normally would using 1/2 inch seams. Due to the bulk hey press open rather than to one side. Then the interesting part, they quilt the batting and backing material rather than the usual quilt sandwich. To attach the backing/batting to the quilt top they stitch in the ditch but only about 3-4 stitches going forward, then reverse 3-4 stitches using the smallest size stitch possible. When finished, you honestly cannot see the tacking stitches and everyone wonders how the quilting was done.

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