Emptied Mom's house, Fabric and quilt tools everywhere

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by , 08-27-2012 at 04:57 PM (527 Views)
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Please help. We had to move Mom to an Assisted Living for Memory Care facility in Plano, TX. We cleaned out her house and now have large boxes of fabric, quilt tools, plastic stencils (I guess this is what these are) and some quilt tables. I do not want to sell these items. Mom has always been a generous individual and I want to keep in the spirit. Can anyone please tell me where I can donate these items in Plano, Texas, to maximize the use of everything? I can divide them up between multiple organizations without a problem. Any ideas, suggestions, etc. are most appreciated! Thank you for your attention, Christina
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  1. bisque's Avatar
    Maybe if you contact Quilts for Kids they have ladies in Texas out there doing quilts for these kids all over the U.S. we are all working to make quilts for the children that have cancer in hospitals. Maybe someone from there would really appreciate the items they do a lot of work for ill children and it is trustworthy I've been making quilts for them since I retired in 2009 never had any problems they are an awesome group of caring quilt makers.
  2. Pkimpel's Avatar
    Try contacting a quilt guild in that area. They are always making charity quilts for different organizations and would love your donations.

    Grammy quilter, Kerrville, Tx.
  3. SandyBoyette's Avatar
    What about donating to a Quilts of Valor group?
  4. mrodarme's Avatar
    i live in plano...and am familiar with the guild and its community service if you would like to pm me, i would be happy to assist...sorry if this is a duplicate...ive had numerous 'issues' this week...broke my foot last sunday and cant remember what i have/have not done...monica in plano

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