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Estate Sales

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by , 08-12-2014 at 10:55 PM (630 Views)
Can anyone tell how estate sales go . I know this sounds crazy . I have been just don't know about the prices do they useably go cheap are they one price the first then before the end they mark them down. There is one in my area that I would like to go to. They have a lot of sewing machines and sewing supply's. But if this is one where they are marked high then start marking down. I am disable and can't be going much.
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  1. AzSailor's Avatar
    My daughter does Estate Liquidations here in AZ (AZHelping Hands) and as her goal is to get the best price for the estate, the prices are firm the first day, marked down the second day with deep discounts on the last day. You just take a chance on what you want being there the last day. She also takes offers, especially after the first day. Hope this helps.....

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