EZ Half Square Triangles!

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by , 12-28-2013 at 09:25 AM (1019 Views)
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I usually dread making HSTs but I have been wanting to make a certain project. So, searching this board I went! I have used some of the methods discussed but I hate marking! I was inspired by Rhonda's method. For some reason, my brain went to this direction.

It is quick, no marking, little waste and you can make whatever unfinished size of HST you want-need.

Please ask questions if my directions are not clear.

have fun! Now on to my project!

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  1. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    I saw this method demonstrated with a specialty ruler that I bought--not I wish I'd saved my $$ on the ruler!
  2. Marsh's Avatar
    Wow - I have stayed away from making HSTs because I knew I would have problems (relatively new quilter). But this process looks so simple and I will try it once I get a ruler. Thank you so much. Marcia
  3. Quilter7x's Avatar
    Be careful ladies. Using this method leaves all four sides on the bias, which means they can easily stretch, even though it is an easy way to make them. Starch may become your friend when making them this way. Be careful when pressing them that you don't stretch them.
  4. Miriam Louise's Avatar
    This looks brilliant! And yes, bias-cuts are tricky, but starch can indeed be a great friend. Now to go try it out...many thanks.
  5. Miriam Louise's Avatar
    Another tip: Since I got 'That Purple Thang' five years ago a lot of usually tricky sewing got much, much easier. It really works!
  6. chrishart80's Avatar
    I wonder how it would work if you cut your strips on the bias.
  7. quilter68's Avatar
    I am going to try this right now. Looks wonderful!

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