Fabric boards we make in our basement and selling them now!!!

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by , 01-26-2012 at 10:18 AM (830 Views)
Hello quilt friends, This is a wonderful place to see all the beautiful quilts and ideas you all have. I've been quilting for 15 years and became hooked the same day. Well, all these years of buying fabrics and having stacks of it everywhere started getting to me. So I asked my dh to make some fabric boards for me. He did and they are wonderful. I told him other quilters would love these too. I never saw him work that fast for a long time, he has been retired for 6 yrs. and has finally found something he loves to do.
He has a shelf full of 2 sizes of these wonderful boards that he has stacked up in sets.

If anyone in interested please PM me on this quilting board.
Here is what he has. 10 sets of each size ready to ship out.
7X10- 25 boards per set-$35.00- free shipping in the USA
6X9-25 boards per set-$30.00-free shipping in the USA
My boards he made for me are so nice, to have the piles of fabrics
all lined up is amazing. My 1/2 shelf of these filled boards are mind saving and made me so happy to be able to see all the fabrics on them. I've used a sticky note on the top of the boards telling me the yardage I have on each board. I spent 2 days so far sorting my fabrics into yards, FQ, bindings cut & pressed, 1/2, 3/4 yards & so on, for folding & wrapping onto these boards. I found fabrics I forgot I had. Even found a great idea for my projects, put up to 6 yards on the 7X10 plus the pattern pinned to the fabric so I don't miss place it again or use it for something else. I have 8 FQ on one 6X9 board. These are the best storage for my fabrics.

These boards he has are Archival/Acid free, won't mold, yellow, or harm your fabrics.
They have a Foam Core and very sturdy.

How they work is fold your yard so that it is 9-11" in width. lay that out over a board, then keep adding 1 yd. pcs. & pinning each to the back to each fabric as you go (I use long pins) staggering the pcs. so you have 2" between each fabric. Then you see all 6 yrds. and prints and know this board holds 1 yd. pcs. Pin on a sticky note for this information. I will be posting a pic. here on the week end of my start for organizing my own. Also my shelves that are a mess, and will be busy for days, LOL
Please PM me if interested or have any questions.
If you ironed each fabric before putting on the boards you could get on more I believe, I didn't do that, after you see my fabrics you'll know why,

Keep up on those beautiful quilts!!!!
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    List them in the members for sale items.

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