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Fan mug rug

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by , 02-27-2012 at 05:42 AM (1736 Views)
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This is the tute for the fan mug rug.

Finished result
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Start with wedges. These are 9 Degree, but any will work
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Fold the top in half and sew across.
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Turn them inside out and iron. Make sure the seam is in the middle.
Name:  Attachment-279454.jpe
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I opened my seams inside of the point.
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Obviously wrong for example only.
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Sew together matching the points.
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Sew the pairs into foursies. I open my seams.
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Finally fours in to eights. There ate two fans here.
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Then I used my circle cutter to determine the circle I needed was 8 inches. then cut the circle into fourths.
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You can do your curved seam in one of two ways. This is easeing it in.
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Resulting in this.
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OR... you can face your 1/4 circle with a light fabric and turn it.
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Sewing the 1/4 circle to the facing.
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Clip the curve and turn.
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Top stitch the 1/4 circle to the bottom of the fan.
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Resulting in this.
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Cut your back and batting. I turned the curved edge of the back over the top of the batting then pinned it to the fan just below the valleys of the points.
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Here you can see the points above the backing and batting.
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Choose your quilting pattern and quilt as desired.
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The point side is finished and you only have to bind the two straight sides turning the ends under on the points. Enjoy!!!
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  1. Elaine433's Avatar
    If they were made a little larger they would make great placemats for a round table. Great tut--thanks for posting.
  2. PatriceJ's Avatar
    that's just toooooooo clever!

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