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Fast easy small bag worn around neck (Photo intense)

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PHOTOS AT BOTTOM Go through them first.

Supplies needed:
Cut 2 rectangles 12" long by your choice of 5 1/2 or 6 inches wide.
Cut strap 1 1/2" by at least 48". This also does the binding.
2 zippers at least 7 inches First photo

How to put in zippers easily: Second photo

On the denim bag shown in the first photo the raw edge was glued to the zipper tape. Raw edge was near zipper teeth. Top stitch it in place To make it pretty lace was sewn over the top. Binding or ribbons could also be used. The second photo shows the raw edge next to the tape

A second way is to first turn under 1/4 inch on the short ends of the rectangles. The folded edge of the turned back 1/4 inch is glued into place with glue stick. (Put glue on zipper tape) The finished edge is put near the teeth of the zipper and top stitched. The second photo shows a rectangle with the 1/4 turned back. put it in the same position that the rectangle is on the zipper. That one has a raw edge. Both methods have the rectangles placed near the teet.
You don't even have to change to a zipper foot because you have zippers longer than your rectangle end.

1. Sew the short end of one of the rectangles to the zipper tape with one of the methods above or the way you prefer. Then sew the short end of the other rectangle to the zipper tape on the other side of the zipper.

You now have rectangle, zipper, rectangle as it is laying flat. Photo 3

Put the other two ends of the rectangles on the other zipper.
Yeah you have a circle, rectangle zipper, rectangle zipper. Photo 4

Flatten your circle with the zippers on the ends. You will see one of the rectangles and one of the zippers. The other rectangle and zipper will be on the bottom. You can see the ends of the zipper hanging out in the photo. Photo 5

Fold this flattened circle not quite in half. The zipper on the bottom will come up to the top. Put it so it is just below the other zipper like you see on the denim purse. Press the fold. Sew across the fold. Photo 6

Sew on the sides of the bag. Make sure you have the zipper pulls so they will be on the bag. Cut off the zipper ends (remember the zippers were too long Photo 7 shows the zipper pulls in the center and the ends of the zippers cut off.

The binding of the sides and the strap are one piece. Iron strap piece in half just so it is easier to sew the strap together. Start sewing on the bottom of the bag. I sew a 3/8 inch seam with my flat open strap, fold the binding over and stitch on the other side. This is just as you would put a single binding on a quilt. Hint: I sew one side on and put it around my neck to measure how long I want my strap to be. Then I fold the binding over, neatening up the bottom edges by folding raw edges in. I sew from the bottom of one side up the strap and down the other side. Done Photo 8 shows the binding next to the bag showing it starting at the bottom edge.

This is an easy process, but like everything, the explanation doesn't make sense until you see the photos.
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