Fast Flipped table runner

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by , 11-20-2010 at 12:51 PM (633 Views)
Main 9x30
Backing 18x43 {I couldn`t get 43 and din`t ajust main and it worked out}
all 1\4 inch seams
fuse a piece of lite interfacing to back
find the center of each long side of main and backing
Place right sides together match center points of one side of the backing and one side of main stitch together along one long side note the backing piece will be longer and wider.i had about 51/2 on each side more of back fabric
do same on other side
turn right side out and press flat with about 21/4 on both sides making border
fold in half lengh
thwise right sides together
stitch along both short ends 1/4
turn rightside out
top stitch across the point { I also did down along each long side
post whe you get yours done
any? pm me
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