Fat quarter dilemma

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by , 02-04-2014 at 08:22 AM (457 Views)
Fellow quilters, I am new at quilting. I have sewn forever, but I just bought my first Bernina and am ready for some serious quilting experiences! Also, I am expecting my first granddaughter, so fabric has taken a front row in my upcoming MeeMaw life! My dilemma is this: I have found a particular yellow fabric in a fat-quarter at JoAnns. But the 2 stores in my town are no longer carrying this fabric. I understand that this fabric is made specifically for Joanns and all of the yellows are coded into a generic category, so if you order a "yellow," you could get any of a variety of fabrics in that color scheme. Suggestions???? This is a medium-darker shade of yellow with circles on it - come lighter, some in muted shades of brown. It kinda looks like bubbles. I only need 3 more fat quarters. HELP!!!!!
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  1. Likethedog's Avatar
    Could you post a photo? If I could see the fabric, I'd be glad to look for it at our local store.
  2. ntransue's Avatar
    Me too.

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