February 2012 Weight Loss Adventure With A Prize!

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by , 02-18-2012 at 07:35 PM (452 Views)
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I had to smile when I read about wearing the next smaller size for two reasons. 1) because I'm pleased for both of you and 2) because I HAD to wear my smallest size corduroys today. My normal size black ones have disappeared. I'm not sure how that happened this week. This morning when getting ready to spend the day out of town with an old friend, those pants were nowhere to be found. I already had on a bright red sweater so I needed dark pants. I found a pair of very dark green ones a size smaller. They fit okay, but I prefer the other fit, especially for sitting in the car.

Gayle, adhering to your diet and doing as much exercise as you can do is paying off. How exciting! Your quilt retreat sounds like fun. I just looked up the school colors for my GS's college. Silver, gold and black. What?? My days of sewing with silver lame are over so that may be a tricky combo. Fairy Frost??

Connie, good things come to those who wait. The scales will cooperate if we do our part and are patient. Remember that all of use on here currently are females and the hormones have their say on our weight even if we are past a certain age.

Jeanne, put some yummy gum in your mouth to keep the goodies out while you set up coffee hour then carefully choose the two treats you are going to enjoy and savor them. Gum goes back in for clean up time. You are tougher than a bunch of cookies!!!

Everose, I went to JoAnn's today, too (100 mile RT for me). I picked up a couple of fabrics for my next SS though I don't need it until May. This daughter is stuck in the 90s, so it will be teal to pink and burgundy - similar to the one on the cover of the pattern. Not readily available colors these days or in more traditional prints. I also bought batting and some black and whites for a BOM. Not too much. Oh, a 9 1/2" square up ruler while they were 50% off.

Dinner was at Cracker Barrel. Too greasy for my tastes. I hope I only pay for it with pounds, not another gall bladder attack. I walked the dogs this morning and a few minutes ago so that should count for something.

The person I went with had a giant Hershey's kiss for me. I can live without Hershey's chocolate - it's a good thing Dove doesn't make one - but what am I going to do with it?

Tomorrow is Sunday, a lovely day to set a goal for the week. A while back, MJ (purplemen) told us that,
"If you want to meet a goal, you have to have a plan.
Failure to plan means planning to fail."

What is your goal for the week and how are you going to meet it?

am losing weight and getting healthier.
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  1. countryheart's Avatar
    just thought I would add my WL secret. I attend OA and follow a food plan from http://www.kaysheppard.com/foodplan.htm
    it removes F,S,W, and refined foods. Maintaining 100 pound loss for 4 years.Always giving credit to my HP who is God in my life..... never diet again...hugs M... [email protected]

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