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Finally figured out a way to explain the"Why" behind the board upgrade

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by , 11-09-2011 at 07:25 AM (1453 Views)
I think that most can understand or at least relate to :

it is like a HUGE computer- and every few years people at home get a new computer - works faster, does more and has more stable internal workings. There is a reason Microsoft keeps releasing new browsers How may people remember Windows 95 then , Windows 98 heck in the last 6 years (?) we have went from Windows XP - Vista and now Windows 7.

My dad- until last week was still using a computer that had Windows 98 on it- he never went on the internet just used the built in games- well finally the mouse stopped working - the hard drive had corrupted - it is just the way the software is , over time it gives out , stops working the way it was designed to and you have to get new. Dad is adjusting well to Windows XP and found that it really isn't that much different than 98-he still refuses to do the internet thing LOL
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  1. pheasantduster's Avatar
    All well and good, but not all of us can run out and buy a new computer every 3 years. There are some of us who still use dial-up for economic reasons and wait forever for all these graphics to appear! Just go with the flow as well as you can
    Updated 11-09-2011 at 12:32 PM by pheasantduster
  2. sharon b's Avatar
    I understand but so many were asking the "why" of the change on the board - so trying to explain it in a way that most will understand- It wasn't broke yet... BUT... it was coming , so this was preventive
  3. Tink's Mom's Avatar
    That sounds like a reasonable explaination...

    So, this big change was a preventive that everything didn't just seize up one day and we would be left in a lurch...

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