Finally finishing the "Money" sampler on the long arm!!

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by , 10-21-2013 at 09:13 PM (1064 Views)
After months of debating what to quilt--and whether I was skilled enough to actually do what I might envision, I am almost finished with my sampler lap quilt that hopefully will result in some actual customers! The LQS offered to hang something of mine, and hopefully this will be it. 9 sampler blocks--all rather complex piecing seemed to deserve some complex quilting. Each block has unique quilting--I want to show what I can do. So far only one tension problem--which meant "unsewing" a whole block All I have left is the borders, which I plan to feather--been sitting all night in front of tv with my white board drawing feathers! I'm feeling pretty good about my work, so hope others do to!
Also tomorrow I inherit 2 quilts for vets to long arm--a friend tore her rotator cuff and the deadline is appoaching.

Too all you long armers that do work for others--what is your best tip for getting customers?


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