finally getting time on the longarm--now if I knew more about what I was doing!

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by , 09-07-2013 at 06:57 PM (1074 Views)
I bought a used Gammill in mid-April--but April though mid-June were so busy with the school year ending and settling my Mom's estate, that my only quilting on it amounted to practice cloths. I retired in mid-June and 2 days later had knee arthroscopy--blah! Standing was tough. By mid-July I was "back in the game" and have done some charity tops and a couple of baby quilts. Put my first "real" bed size quilt on yesterday and started my custom quilting today. Dang--I wish my skills matched my visions! Know how I want it to look--ended up "unsewing" about 20" of quilting 3 times before admitting to myself that I am just not ready yet for what I was thinking. So now going with plan D A friend told me it will get better--just need lots of practice! Easy to say, but being impatient person that sure is hard! And I want EVERYthing to look nice! Plus, I'm hoping to start doing some quilting for others soon and know I sure wouldn't be paying much for what I'm doing now.
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