finished long arming my first bed size quilt--whew!

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by , 09-20-2013 at 05:34 PM (1162 Views)
This week I finally finished long arm quilting my first full size bed quilt--had been doing lap quilts and crib quilts since I got my Gammill. It was a good/bad experience--loaded fine, tension great, like some of the custom quilting design I did on the open areas, satisfied with my choice of thread and happy with background quilting. Not so pleased with the end design I used on the pieced blocks--just don't have the skills yet to match my vision. I know--practice, practice,practice. But I have a vision of how I want each quilt to look and just not quite there yet. I have joined a long arm guild and getting lots of good tips through them, so that helps. And subscribed to a couple of long arm magazines which should help some too. I'm also going to be in Des Moines in October at the AQS show and have registered for some long arm classes--which I'm really looking forward to doing. Anyone out there also doing any classes in Des Moines?

I've set a goal for myself--that each quilt I work on, that I try something "new" either in the piecing or the quilting. So far,so good.

Now--off to Omaha to visit that new g-son and play with the 5 yr old!


  1. dmnorden's Avatar
    Congratulations on finishing your quilt!!! Have you watched any of the videos on allpeoplequilt.com? I just finished watching some, and they look like they will be helpful once my long arm finally arrives. Good luck with your quilting!!!
  2. triciaa's Avatar
    Someone I know gave me this advice which I think is awesome. Load your quilter with flat sheets and batting and practice your stitches and when your done bind it and donate it.

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