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Finished two projects tonight.

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by , 11-23-2011 at 06:33 PM (1412 Views)
I did some sewing tonight and had a blast.

I finished my hexagon table topper. It turned out pretty good. The center pieces don't match, but I'm okay with that. The binding turned out really well. I stitched it to the front, then folded it over, pinned and machine stitched in the ditch on the front again to secure the back. It turned out really well. I was shocked.

I also made a hot pad from the failed hexagon table topper I tried two weeks ago. My cutting was really off and the poor thing bubbled up really bad when I stitched the two halves together, so I took the two halves of the hexagon, squared them up, put cotton batting and insul-brite in between them, quilted it, bound it and now I have a very cute hot pad that matches my hexagon table topper in my favorite colors, brown and turquoise.

I will post pictures tomorrow in my "Stuff I Made" photo album on on profile.

Have a pleasant evening. See you tomorrow. {{{HUGS}}}


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