Folded Dahlia

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by , 04-15-2011 at 11:14 PM (923 Views)
Someone posted to this thread that they would like a tutorial in English. I thought I would give it a try.
When I stacked them, I placed them on my cutting board and used the lines to place them at 1/2" intervals.
I tried to place the top fold of the stack as close to the center of the background as possible.
Thanks QuiltnNan for the tip.
Start with 6" squares. Need 8 each of 7 fabrics

Fold in 1/2 and press

Fold again and press

Open out and stack with others, with folds at top

cut a 15.5" background and fold 4 times

line up center fold along fold in background

Stitch starting from outside to center & backstich at center. Fold right center over.

Add next stack and sew like before.

Now for the fun part. Fold left side top down to fold and crease.

Unfold and bring fold down to crease

Now fold again down to center

and flip it between stacks

Repeat on the right side

fold left side to fold

and flip it between stacks

Repeat on the right side

continue down the stack, alternating sides

flip stack on right to the left and add another stack as before

flip stack to the right and fold as before and continue around the block.

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