Foxing on Fabric

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Our guild program this month was Ellen DeWitt, a quilt/garment conservator/restorer from Buffalo NY. So interesting! and just enough humor. You know those brown spots that appear on old fabric?... they are called foxing, probably because they tend to be fox-colored. She uses Orvis to lighten the spots. Then she takes a cotton swab and puts a dot of hydrogen peroxide on it, rinsing immediately. Repeat as needed. I know this topic comes up from time to time here on the QB. If you have only one item, she said don't run out and get the Orvis, but use liquid detergent... not soap.

Does anyone remember your grandmother [or yourself] laying laundered whites out on the bushes or grass? The interaction of the chlorophyll and the sun naturally bleaches your whites. It should also work on natural dye colors, but don't do it more than once on them.

If you had your wedding dress dry cleaned, wrapped in blue tissue, or non- acid-free tissue, and then sealed in plastic, take it out immediately! If it has survived in good condition, wash it gently, dry flat for days turning as needed, wrap in acid-free tissue, store in a sheet or pillowcase, and store in the same environment that you live in... not the attic or basement.

If you need to replace a worn out fabric in a quilt, cover it with tulle, stitch in the ditch, and trim very close to the stitching. If the fabric is too damaged, needle turn a patch of fabric from the same time period over it and stitch. In both cases, document the repairs. It does not change the value of the quilt.

This is only a small portion of the advice given in her lecture. She was so worth having for our program! She also allowed you to bring your quilt for her to see if it is worth fixing and suggestions for doing so.


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