Friendship Stars

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by , 03-10-2012 at 05:17 PM (865 Views)
[QUOTE=Lioness3xs;4535976]I've been pondering and pondering and thought I'd ask you what your opinion is.

Friendship Stars

Do they all need to rotate the same direction in a medallion setting? Or can each round deside to twinkle in a different direction?

I working on the Seeing Star scrappy quilt and wanting to do each round with Friendship stars going in different directions. When I brought this up at guild the other night I had some poo-poo comments and told this would mess up the design of the quilt.

My idea was there would be no distinct direction in the stars and they would appear to twinkle instead of follow the leader. I also thought this would be a good break out from the so-called traditional ideas.

What's your opinion?[/QUOTE]
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