Funeral or no?

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by , 03-05-2013 at 05:49 PM (1009 Views)
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Tanya, I went back and read all the postings. It's odd, I've gotten happier. I started sewing again. I'm not happy cause I'm sick, but when I was grieving I sat and thought about when I was happiest in my life. I loved being a nurse but when I was happy at home and raising my girls I loved sewing! I loved sewing for them, I did slipcovers, window treatments, clothes for me. I've never quilted. But Ive found reading this entire site, looking at pictures of beautiful quilts has made me want to get back to sewing. So I've almost finished my first quilt, I'm making a stash and bought another machine on EBay. And even though some days I'm too tired to sew or do regular chores, or nauseated, I'm happier. I'm doing something I'm good at, I'm making gifts for some family and friends, which is like leaving a part of me, and that makes everything OK. And I'm not worried about spending the money or if I have enough time. Keeping busy has made those thoughts go away! I do talk to a church friend and I'm sure that's made a difference too, but sewing is definitely therapy for me. Maybe I'm not DEEP enough but it's working for me. Thanks for listening Raine
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    Sewing makes me happy too! So does making things for my family. I think you probably are DEEP and good hearted.

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