New Moda BOM "Spring Bouquet"

Is anyone making the new Moda BOM? It looks great because the appliqué pieces are all laser cut and come with fusible already on the back. It's a gorgeous design by Edyta Sitar. I am doing it and was wondering who else is.*

  1. need packing advice

    by , 06-20-2012 at 12:56 PM (New Moda BOM "Spring Bouquet")
    We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary with a first trip to Ireland for 2 weeks. We have decided to "travel light" and take only one carry-on each. I have always overpacked for trips in the past, and have sworn to learn how to get by with less. Can anyone help me with suggestions? Has it worked for you or is it worth it to lug a bigger suitcase? We are renting a car and will be in and out of many hotels, so wanted to make it easy on ourselves. Thanks in advance!
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