Gas prices!

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by , 02-23-2012 at 11:39 AM (708 Views)
I live in Northern California, west of Sacramento. Yesterday AM on way to work gas was $4.15. On the way home PM it was $4.39. Won't be doing any extra going anywhere!

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I was filling my car this morning and the gas truck came to fill the underground tanks. The driver was talking to the owner. The driver said before you use this gas up the price will be at least $2 a gallon more. The gas is now $3.85 for regular and that will be $5.85 per gallon really soon! It won't effect me that much because I don't have everyday driving I have to do and can easily combine my trips. The gas price is just the tip of it. Everything will be more expensive following a gas price increase. I am shocked the cost increase of food in just a few weeks. I noticed a bag of Doritos were $4.89 yesterday at the local grocery. I have a bag that has been in my pantry since before Christmas (grands left them here) the bag price was $2.79. ??? Who will pay $5 for a bag of chips? I feel really worried about all this for so many that are not and cannot get prepared for the drastic increase of prices.
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