Getting Back To It!

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by , 04-26-2014 at 08:36 AM (835 Views)
I am still in the process of moving but there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! I went from a 2800 sq ft house to a 1600 sq ft. Downsizing is not fun at all but being realistic. Most of our kids are college bound next year. We won't need that much room anymore and will be less to maintain as we age. When looking for a new home, I kept in mind the need for room for my Z44 frame if it was to ever be expanded to Cali King size. I have also been thinking of storage issues. Maybe a cube storage section would work for all my crafty needs (yarn, thread, fabric, etc). They come in 12" blocks that you can get baskets to slide in them. I am picturing 3 high by 8 long. I plan to do more research on storage options before I commit.
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  1. ntransue's Avatar
    Google - storage for quilting fabric on Pinterest and you'll be surprised what comes up. You'll get lots of ideas.

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