Giant Star or Big Star Quilt

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by , 02-18-2014 at 11:39 AM (480 Views)
Does anyone know how to make the giant/big star quilt by doing quilt as you go?
Also, how do I make them in larger sizes?
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  1. shickman1's Avatar
    No help out there?
  2. susiequilt's Avatar
    You should post this on the main topic to get more viewers.
  3. pw6's Avatar
    double thae pattern size, like a 12 1/2 " block cut them 24 1/2 " etc. I have to do that all the time as I hate tiny blocks. some patterns work great,some don't . there are books out there and one is "one block wonders" love it.. you can alos buy a wheel that shows you how to resize patterns. it is a circle in a circle and you dial the wheel to get the latger size from the size the patten is now.. have fun.

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