Gift idea for little boy.

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by , 05-01-2013 at 11:13 AM (549 Views)
Last week I saw a request for project ideas for little boys, I have a great idea, it involves a t-shirt and some appliques.
I have attached a photo of a Superman t-shirt I bought at Target a while back, I tried to get another for my other grandson, but unfortunately they are no longer available. I am not suggesting that you pirate a design that has licensing on it, but I think a big "B" for boy for a "Z" for Zack, would be great. The best part is that the maker of this t-shirt put velcro on the shoulders and on the top tabs of the cape, although my grandson wouldn't think of wearing it without the cape, that's the best part. This idea is really simple: purchase a t-shirt, cut out some fabric and iron on any design you like on front of the t-shirt, then cut out a cape, turn the edges under attach with velcro and put another iron on the cape. Done! The kids REALLY like this!!!
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