The Giving Nature of Quilters

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by , 03-22-2013 at 12:26 PM (902 Views)
Yesterday morning as I was eating my breakfast I did my usual routine of checking both my Facebook and email accounts. I noticed I had alot more new emails than normal and some of them were marked "URGENT!!!". As it turns out, there was an urgent call to arms in my modern quilt guild for help to complete a special project with a fairly short deadline.
Now, I recently have found myself rather stagnant in the quilting department. Part of this is due to the fact that my studio is a wreck because of rearranging that we started and never finished and also my long arm was inaccessible due to a big shelving unit my hubby has plopped down next to it. He recently asked me why I wasn't quilting much, just making baskets. I finally explained to him that I needed his help to move the heavy piece of furniture to be able to gain access to my machine to do some quilting. Magically, the next morning, I noticed the shelving unit was moved and I now have free access to stand and sew again. What a guy! Yes, he is definitely a keeper.
Okay, you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with charity and those "URGENT!!!" emails. Let me explain.
Well, the modern quilt guild was asked to finish a quilt for QUILTCON that would be given to one of the youth residents to cover their bed at the foster home. Our guild had created some blocks to be used in the Auction quilt or these charity quilts, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the project had lost its way. I especially loved the way the call was put out to the guild, no one specific was blamed for dropping the ball, just an honest request can anyone help? The remainder of these emails from the modern quilters was a resounding yes, yes, yes! Tell us what you need and by when and we'll be happy to help. Within about 2 hours, they had enough volunteers to get blocks to probably make at least 1-2 quilts, located the batting, and I had volunteered to quilt the quilt for them. Within 24 hours, they had established a project list of volunteers willing to help, places to meet to work on the quilt, what the blocks should look like and when these tasks would take place.


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