I'm sew busy

going crazy looking for a pattern

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by , 02-16-2014 at 09:12 PM (482 Views)
I saw an unbelievable quilt on the internet that I am so anxious to make but I can't find the pattern or any directions for it. It is called Lens Quilt and is an optical illusion pattern. I have seen several versions but no patterns. If anyone has any information please let me know.

I'm sew busy
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  1. WilliP's Avatar
    I found the site online -- and in English a forward/afterword that sums up why many of us do not share our photos and or patterns of our personal creations. I believe it is a Russian site, I will have to go back and set a translation program to work on the pattern so I will have my copy from the artist. I think she handles the situation with a certain class and flair that I would be hard put to do myself in a similar situation.
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    I give up was trying to edit this last comment to add the link to the site,

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    Log Cabin Lens With A Twist is the name of the quilt.

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