Going to my first retreat next weekend - Please help me plan a packing list.....

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And be sure to put your name on EVERYTHING! I like to label the plug end of my power cables, this way if you need to unplug, you know you've got the right one!
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  1. Quilter7x's Avatar
    An Ott light, comfortable shoes and a chair on wheels (if you have one) are good things to have on retreat. Most places don't usually have good light, so the Ott light is very important. Quilters always bring snacks to share with everyone else. If the place you're staying at has a pool, your body will appreciate taking a swim, so bring your bathing suit.

    The best thing to do is start writing a list and then add/take away from that list as you go along. Once you get home from retreat, you can refine that list for future retreats.

    Have fun!
  2. patski's Avatar
    Just went on my first retreat, painter tape or other type tape, a permanent marker, they supplied rulers & mats, but we all took treats (I took nuts& dried fruit) that was a big hit. Be sure to have extra bobbins and needles, just sew for a day at home & keep everything you use in a little container, that is what I took with me!
  3. Pier's Avatar
    Make sure you have enough thread and extrablades for
    you rotary cutter (I have run out of both).
    If you have the ability to take you own iron(mini), ironing and cutting board (June Taylors press and cut) have them nextto you it saves a lot of ups and downs. You can use a word folding table – use tobe call a tv tray. If you are taking cutting board and rulers everyone will useput you name on them. Depending on where you are staying, bring an extra blanket. I go on a yearly retreat, most of the lady’sbring a quilt for they bed.

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  4. andylou's Avatar
    Also, when our group goes on retreat each of us has an envelope under her sewing machine, only to be opened if the quilter needs medical attention. Lists a couple of family members to be contacted, doctor name and phone (including emergency number), list of medicines and medical problems, etc. This came about because once a member needed emergency medical care, of none of us knew the name/phone number of her daughter (she's a widow). Also, none of us knew of any existing medical conditions, etc. Have fun on your first retreat....I'm sure it will not be your last.
  5. jannxin's Avatar
    Most of all at a Retreat - HAVE FUN! Enjoy all the Quilters & what they make.
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  6. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Chips, drink and pillow for chair.. All your sewing equipment for machine, other than that, you miss something, borrow, go for a swim, visit others project, eat be merry.

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