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by , 09-03-2012 at 04:10 PM (943 Views)
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Hi, new to this site but it is fantastic. I have done mostly machine quilting but lately have been working on hand quilting and enjoy that more.The quilting I have done was"in the ditch" quilting but I plan to make a quilt,Trinity Celtic Knot pattern and would like to hear from someone who hand quilts and may have made a quilt from this pattern and could suggest a different way to quilt it, not too complicated, as I am a novice at quilting.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I live in Cape Breton,Canada.
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  1. Quilt Cupboard's Avatar
    I too love to hand quilt, have you ever seen the hand quliting templates? They are easy to use, just buy a chalk pad and you lay the template over the area you want to quilt and wipe the chalk pad over it. The lines wipe off with a cold damp cloth or will eventaully dissappear. This method is also good because you dont' have to mark the entire quilt at one time, you can just mark as you go. Hope this helps
  2. batikmystique's Avatar
    Hi, I like to hand quilt also. Looking to upgrade my lap hoop...very old and flimsy. Have checked out some new ones on the Grace hoops and Barnett's lap hoops websites...having a hard time deciding but liking the newer square hoops. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks :-)

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