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by , 06-19-2012 at 10:17 AM (2356 Views)
A few weeks ago I visited a Amish lady, who had a couple of quilts for sale. One was a storm at sea, finished, and the second one was a fan quilt she had on the frame. Now every thing I have been taught and learned has been that you start quilting in the middle and work out. Correct? Well not so with with Rachel, she had quilted all of the out side borders, and was then working on the blocks and sashing row by row. She did NOT have a single pucker on the back of either quilt. I know this, as they both live at home with me and I really checked out the back sides of both. How did she do that? The fan quilt was her 9th quilt! I lost count after 400 of the quilts I have made and have yet to make with as lovely hand quilting as Rachel did. I really need to work more on my hand quilting.

Or I need to start learning how to use my MAQ14 and let the machine do the quilting for me and forget about hand quilting altogether.

a lovely day here, hope your day is as good, [email protected], leaha
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  1. craftybear's Avatar
    Please post pictures of the quilts you bought from the amish lady
  2. duwaklj's Avatar
    There is a really good article in the July/August issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited which talks about backing and will explain that most backing wrinkles come from not removing all your selvages befor piecing. Check it out.

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