Happy HOlidays.....

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by , 11-30-2011 at 07:24 PM (921 Views)
This time of year is so fun. A busy time too, but fun. I wish everyone happy holidays and happy quilting too. I'm sure there are lots of gifts being quilted or sewn. I just finished my ornament swap. I was late because when the change took over, it dropped the front sheets with addresses and names so I had to find them. But they helped me. Thank you Brenda21.

I have figured out everything I need to on this board. I'm in and out.
I still have all 10 cats for anyone who followed their births and forward. ALl of them are so big. I'll post pictures soon. Bext week I take three at a time to be fixed. Then three more until all are done. No more kitties. Although I would love it, can't afford more feed. Seriously hungry little furbabies. LOL

I have two retreats scheduled. One in March at Alford Inn in Van Alystene and then one in May in Granbury again. BOth are almost full. But I will know soon how many openings are left. I will post here too. Or on Offline events.

Happy holidays.....
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  1. grannyp70's Avatar
    Happy Holidays to you to. Would you do me a favor? I need all the names and address for all the people who came to our get togethers. I have missed place mine and I would like to send some cards out to them. I would apperciate it if you could send me a copy of those lists that we made. Thank you in advance. Have a Blessed Day.
  2. bjnicholson's Avatar
    Hi Debbie! I just stumbled onto your blog so I missed quite a bit (with the change and all...). Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see the pics of the babes.

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