Happy New Year..

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by , 01-02-2012 at 03:13 PM (837 Views)
Happy New Year to all Ollie's quilting angels! He is here at the moment, asleep on the floor, after wearing his mema out playing with his new little toys, including an Elmo, which is exactly what his own daddy had at this age.. To stinkin cute to remember back 26 years ago.

Ollie is doing ok, though still facing some struggles with the brain situation - but overall, he is a happy, little guy, becoming more verbal to making sounds, and so forth. He loves, loves , loves being able to take steps with our hands holding him - as long as we keep saying " Step. Step. Step " Ollie moves his legs - one being more dragged behind him, as he has only one side of his body that he actually uses.. But , he loves being mobile like he that, and its good for him to practice movement, which strengthens his body.
He has gained some pounds back, that he had lost after his latest surgery, and man, is he a little chunk now..Enjoy!Name:  001_2.JPG
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  1. Jim's Gem's Avatar
    He is so cute Karen!!!! Glad to finally be able to find your blog and see his pictures!!!!

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