heavy duty sewing machine

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by , 04-06-2013 at 08:30 AM (1151 Views)
My son is looking for a sewing machine to hem jeans and sew other heavy duty materials. Does anyone have a recommendation?
This Board is so awesome regarding anything and everything, thought I would ask. Thank you.


  1. Fairydell's Avatar
    I was recently given a very old Pfaff 30. It is fab for stuff like that. Not sure how easy they are to get hold of but well worth looking out for.
  2. carolaug's Avatar
    any of the old singers. Redeye or any of the other old ones.
  3. buckingtrout's Avatar
    I have a Pfaff 1209, bought it because it does have a heavy duty motor to do upholstery fabrics and jeans.... At the time I bought it I was sewing alot of faux/fake fur stuffed animals so needed a machine that could handle that type of fabric. When looking for a new or used machine you need to ask if it has a heavy duty motor, which is what you will need to do those types of fabrics.
  4. cactusmomma's Avatar
    Thank you ladies. This is most helpful

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