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by , 04-13-2012 at 11:15 AM (527 Views)
I apologize, I've only don't this a couple times and I have no clue what I'm doing.

I am making a lap size quilt for my aunt. Thought it would be fun to find a bunch of different fabrics to represent the "loves" of the members of her family (i.e. volleyball, music, pigs, frogs, racing, etc.) So all of the fabrics are different, most seem to have a black background but not all. But they are all kinds of colors.

I can't figure a good pattern to use to combine all these different fabrics. Because of all the colors and different fabrics, it's already going to look scrappy, but I wanted to find a somewhat organized kind of scrappy to do.

HEEEELLLPPPP ME!!!! Thanks, Cathy
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  1. Kenfaw's Avatar
    I would lay them out to see if anything stands out, like the color of the frogs eye to use as a background color. You mentioned most of have black background you continue that theme or contrast with a white. Does What about making them into their own blocks like in a crazy quilt with your 'loves' as the center?
  2. Kenfaw's Avatar
    Does your Aunt have a favorite color?(somehow it cut that sentence but left the Does)
  3. read2me1989's Avatar
    Ask at your local quilt shop. I know at the one I like to go to the ladies are very good to help and have a much better eye than I do when it comes to that.
  4. starshine's Avatar
    Perhaps an Attic Window pattern, since many have a black background maybe a light and medium for the windows in solid colors, or simple prints, and boarders in her favorite colors.

    Or maybe snowball pattern.
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  5. Michigan's Avatar
    The first thing that came to me was a layout like T-shirt quilts. I made one for an elderly lady, embroidered relevant names. Here's a couple ideas: http://www.goosetracks.com/T-Shirt%2...tructions.html

    (I really like that 2nd one down, lap quilt)

    Sounds like fun, good luck.
  6. Kenfaw's Avatar
    this is one place they show a 'crazy quilt" pattern, You start with a pentagon, 5 sides, and start adding to that to create a square. i thought maybe your treasures could be cut into a pentagon and youcould go from there. I saw it demonstrated on "sewing with Nancy" but cannot find the episode on her website nancyzieman.com.

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