Hello from the Pacific Northwest

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by , 11-25-2019 at 04:22 PM (61 Views)
Hello everyone,

I just found this page and it looks like fun. I've been quilting for over 40 years. I am a librarian and I'm planning for retirement so I'm buying a long arm machine. I'm looking forward to smiling a lot more often!

Is anyone here from the East side of Washington state?



  1. TeresaA's Avatar
    For some reason people didn't see your post. If they had, I'm sure they'd welcome you.

    Welcome from me!

    I'm from Eastern WA (Clarkston) and still have family there and of course, went to school at WSU! #GoCougs. Many years ago, I moved to the Redmond, WA area for better work opportunities.

    I know that several people here are from Washington.

    Congrats on your new Longarm. I'm sure it'll be better than mine, since I have a circa-80's all mechanical Gammill that I've nicknamed "Quiltosaurus!". Her arm is 30 inches! I still love her, just wish her table wasn't so huge because I have to take her out of mothballs every time I use her.
  2. StitchingAgain's Avatar
    I'm in the Tri Cities.

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