Help. American professional ultimate II long arm machine.

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by , 11-23-2013 at 05:26 PM (348 Views)
I am a quilter who inherited my mother in laws long arm machine when she passed of cancer. The machine hasn't been used in 8 years and has been stored and protected in my basement. I never was taught the machine before she passed. I now want to start using it as I have a beautiful new sewing room now. I know this machine will need cleaned as well as need maintained too. I do not have a manual on this machine. I believe she bought it in 1995 ish. She wasn't able to quilt the last few years of her life so it probably hasn't been used in at least 10 years. I need help at where to start wight his process. Any help appreciated.
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    What manufacturer made it? I bet if you google it you'd find some information on where to find information. Also, not sure where you live, but you might check to see if there is any professional quilter that rents time on a long arm and see if they'd give you lessons on the basics. Once you've done some "playing" on it, then you can think about in person lessons, on-line tutorials, etc. There are several good books on starting out that give you information on the basics, like loading it, etc. For the maintenance needed, even if there is not a rep for the brand in your area, I bet a rep for another company would be willing to do the basics to get you started.

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