Help? Can upholstery fabric be combined with cotton fabric when making a quilt?

Help? Can I use upholstery fabric in my quilt?

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by , 12-13-2018 at 04:22 AM (155 Views)
Aloha! My name is Jess. Mahalo (thank you) for accepting my request to become a member to “The Quilting Board”
I was 4 years old when decided I wanted to learn how to sew so I could make quilts! Well, it’s taken me 40 years to find a class. Never mind, I have many talented seamstresses and creative project sewers in the family.
My best friend of 35 years is truly amazing! I want to make my 1st quilt for her. She recently purchased a custom built rare blue sofa that took a year to be built. Since this will be my 1st, I’m choosing to do a basic log cabin pattern. After seeing a movie telling the history of them, i found it to be quite inspirational.
My vision is to incorporate the fabric from her couch into the quilt. Ideally it will be the middle square, the front & back boarder trim, and quite possibly the back of the quilt. Your opinion, advice, suggestions, or alternative solutions to incorporate the fabric is grately appreciated. Both negative & positive feed please! I am not easily offended.
Althiugh, I am having a hard time accepting from my mom’s sewing group friends that it’s a NO! The quilt must be of the same cotton fabric. I feel that they may be stuck in their comfort zones and know of no other way. My mom is a novice and the youngest (63) out of all of her sewing/quilting clubs. The next youngest is 72, the oldest 98.
So, I ask you fellow “Quilting Board” members, thoughts, opinions, experience, advice, alternatives? Give it to me straight! The bad, good, and ugly!
I anxiously await to hear for your advice!
Any may your holiday season to you and yours be blessed with good health, fortune, successful, happiness, joy, and love


  1. nancia's Avatar
    Well, it can be done, but you will need to put a label on the back saying it must be dry cleaned (which is normal for upholstery fabric), and be sure your friend understands as well. Technically, quilts are made of cotton because it washes, dries, and wears well, and was what they had. In reality, quilts can be made of lots of things, depending on use. My first quilt was made of poly cotton, is still going strong, and still keeps my granddaughter nice and snug. I made a quilt of silk, and one of wool. I make art quilts with painted parts and sewn on bits of things. So the only rule I follow, is to clean them in a way that will not damage any of the parts, whatever they are made of. Saying that, cotton is the easiest fabric to work with and care for.
    have a great holiday season, and a wonderful new year. Welcome to quilting!

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