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by , 08-28-2012 at 05:47 AM (657 Views)
Hi Does anyone know where I can purchase Rings that Bind by Cherly Phillips without spending an arm and leg? I saw it for sale for $23.00 sent for it, they were sold out, looked on ebay they wanted the arm, looked at Barns and Noble and they wanted the arm and leg, it is no longer in print, so they tell me it will cost a fortune. I don't want to remorgage the house, I just want to purchase a book. Can anyone help me? If you have one around and would like to sell it, I would love to have it.
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  1. LyndaOH's Avatar
    I thought I read that this book is being reprinted. If that's the case, the price should come down soon.
  2. bisque's Avatar
    Oh that would be just a wonderful thing, I know some place somewhere there has to be one laying around on a book shelf in a shop or something, if you find it is reprinted will someone out there please let me know, appreciate very very much..thank you so much now I will keep eyes open even wider! hugs.

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