Help Finding a Pattern Part for Thimbleberries Lakeside and Lodge 2008 Big Quilt Club

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by , 03-18-2014 at 05:27 PM (815 Views)
Hello Everyone,

The Thimbleberries Lakeside and Lodge Big Club Quilt was offered in 2008. I subscribed at a local quilting store and had to stop before I was done. I kept going to the store to pick up each month's supplies but apparently, I missed the last month. Now, years later, I am just finishing Part 11 of the quilt and realized that I do not have the part 12 instructions. And the quilt store is closed!

Is there anyone out there that has those part 12 instructions? It is just one page and it includes instructions for the Dogstooth pieced border, instructions for border pieces, and I hope instructions for the triangle pieces that help put the blocks together.

I am sorely in need and would appreciate any help anyone can give me!

Thanks in advance,

p.s. here is the advertised picture of the quilt in "lakeside". It can also be done in "lodge" which is mostly green and has pinecones appliqued in the center instead of flowers.


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