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by , 07-10-2013 at 07:03 AM (1224 Views)
I have spent months working on my grandson's wedding quilt, now I am down to the label. I have written so many trial labels I am dizzy.. I am not sure what is best. Here is the basic info...

It is their wedding present from me.. the groom's grandmother

The date I am going to put on it is July 2013 - the month of their wedding.. the day is the 27th. Should I include that?

I NEVER use my given name.. but should I use it here as the maker? They might even be shocked to find out it is Eleanor!

Below are my current ideas.. but then I wonder .. is she going to take his name. would it be out of line to ask?
Wedding Quilt for
Ryan & Kaila "last name of my grandson"
made by Ellie "last name" July 27, 2013

Wedding Quilt for
Ryan "middle name" "last name" & Kaila "middle name" "her maiden name"
made by Ellie "last name" July 27, 2013

Other ideas welcome.
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  1. June K's Avatar
    This very special quilt will one day become an heirloom, to be passed on to a child. What you have suggested needs to be special too! Your full name would be appropriate, plus the town where it was created. Put this information on a new line "Made by Eleanor ? of Town" and the wedding date on the next line. If you have an embroidery machine some elegant designs could be incorporated - think Martha Pullen.
  2. quiltsbyj's Avatar
    Quilt name if you named it. Honoring your Marriage Ryan and Kaila July 27, 2013. Pattern:_____ Maker Eleanor "Ellie"_______, town. Quilter______you can also use the label for any personalized comments if you wish. Remember this will likely be handed down many generations and treasured forever.
  3. banjergirl's Avatar
    Thank you JuneK and quiltsbyj you have brought up two subjects I had not considered. I have been thinking heirloom - I never considered the town, and I have a name I have been thinking of.. it is a One Block Wonder made from Kaffe feathers in grey and earth tones with silver silk running across it and around the perimeter... so I have been calling it Birds of a Feather in my mind for months. It is also reversible.. so I plan to hide the label in an envelope type closure. When I finish the hand quilting in the silk I will take pictures and post it. Thank you kindly for your input!

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