Help with hand quilting

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by , 08-18-2013 at 12:43 PM (859 Views)
Any suggestions on how to make a needle slide through a quilt easily? The fabric is all cotton and the batting is 80/20 cotton/poly.
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  1. OCquilter's Avatar
    I am a hand piecer and hand quilter. Sometimes it helps to poke your needle in thread heaven thread conditioner. I had one experience where I could barely get my needle thru 2 layers of flannel with no batting. Turns out that the blue marking pen I had used was the culprit. I was fit to be tied trying to figure that one out. Also, make sure your needle is sharp. I use John James 11 or 10 when I can get them. If I am out of those, I use whatever I can get at Joanns. I tend to bend the cheaper size 10 betweens.

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