HELP! How to square a quilt that doesn't have blocks?

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by , 08-17-2013 at 04:19 PM (1332 Views)
I have a linear quilt without square blocks. I tried to square it up and it ended up wider on two sides. I'll attach a rough diagram. The left and right sides have a white border,
but the top and bottom don't have one. I'm
not sure how to make it square without wrecking it!
Any suggestions welcome!!Attachment 430794
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  1. Peggoty's Avatar
    Sorry, the image didn't come through. (first post). I did upload it but it isn't linking correctly. Added the image as my avatar.
    Updated 08-17-2013 at 04:37 PM by Peggoty
  2. ELP's Avatar
    First, be very careful to keep your cutting, stitching and piecing accurate. I know this because I didn't at first. After the quilt is finished lay it on a clean sheet on the carpet. Measure diagonally from upper corner to lower corner across the quilt to determine how much it is off. Spray the quilt with water until just a little damp. Stretch the quilt and pin with T pins. Continue until the diagonal measurements are the same. This takes quite a while. Allow quilt to dry completely. I just finished a quilt which I thought I had done accurately. However, one row was shorter than the other. I had to take the other rows apart and do them over. Good luck to you. Sometimes you just want to cry!
  3. dcrocker's Avatar
    How far out of whack is it?

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