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Help with making a whole in my sewing table for my machine!!!!

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by , 05-29-2013 at 09:56 AM (1386 Views)
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Does your sewing machine have a top-loading bobbin? Or a front-loading bobbin? I think that is what makes the difference.

If you have a top-loader, it's enough to cut the hole to fit the machine.

If you have a front-loading bobbin as I do, typically you make the hole larger than the machine and create a plexiglass insert to fill the gap between the hole and your machine. I believe hardwares stores will cut plexiglass for you to a paper pattern; you would add legs to the plexiglass to keep it at the correct height. Note: Some machines come with an extension table to create a flat surface. If you have one of these, you don't need to cut a new plexiglass insert. Alternatively, instead of creating your own insert, you can purchase a ready-made table extension for your machine and cut the hole to fit that table.

Edit: Here's a tutorial for the top-loading bobbin:
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    Fabric boards really do work for organizing all your fabrics. It's the easiest way to get more fabric on your shelving or in drawers for more up front viewing of what you have to work with. I have been using these boards for sometime now. They are very reasonable to buy and get started. At one point I just had to do something with the mess I was working with. My husband makes them now and it's wonderful to have the sizes I need and the fabrics look great.
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    Hi again, saw this post and wanted to say a few words too. My husband made several of these machine extensions for some friends of mine in a quilting group from Masonite then put small rubber legs on them. I love mine. He just measured the bed of the machine and the length needed and you just move it out to get to your bobbin underneath. No big deal to work with any machines. With his you have this extension table beyond your machine to manage your fabrics. Works wonders for more space to sewing your quilts or blocks. He doesn't use Plexiglas, can't get it here in Tn. without going a long ways away to buy it, if you can even ind it here. The Masonite is very smooth on the top and that's all you need really.

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