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by , 01-24-2012 at 05:54 PM (504 Views)
I was asked to make a quilt for a young man who recently returned from Desert Storm. His mother gave me quite a few khaki camo shirts, a few with patches and his name on them. She also gave me one pair of his pants. I also have six photos of him while overseas. I want to make about a 65x75 size quilt, or thereabouts but can't find a pattern that pleases me that I can use the shirts, pants and photos on. I know I will have to purchase more fabric, but what color? Does anyone have any good ideas for the pattern and color of purchased fabric - no flowers. I would appreciate any and all ideas. Thank you. Sandy
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  1. Jadie's Avatar
    The desert storm camos are very plain right. I say stick with the color theme add color with the pic and the patches.
  2. bjhumes's Avatar
    I did my son's memory quilt which was T's but I think will work for you with pattern "Out of the Box" from May/Jun 2010 Quick Quilt. It has so many different size blocks so I cut and plugged what fit to that spot, added material to fit the theme..UGLY but he and his wife LOVE it! I have photos of him wearing some of this stuff and was with him on many of these souvenir shirts purchases!
  3. karen924's Avatar
    Blues go very well with desert camo. Please break it up with some color. Many servicemen don't want to relive much of what they saw there. Or look into the pics and pic out a predominate color from the scenery. Good luck
  4. Buttonbeth's Avatar
    I recently made a quilt with pictures (family). I used The Great Frame Up pattern. I used Printed Treasures for the photo blocks. And the quilt turned out great.
  5. shandyr1's Avatar
    thanks so much for the great ideas. I really appreciate it.

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