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HELP PLEASE! 3 Days to Name my Quilt Pattern

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by , 02-05-2014 at 05:24 PM (1119 Views)
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The hard work is done. I put together a pattern we are going to sell at our local quilt show in March here in Milwaukee. I have been writing and proofing this thing for so long You can make 16 different settings with just one block based on how you turn it and those around it, but the attached image is going on the cover. I CAN'T COME UP WITH A NAME. I AM SICK OF LOOKING AT IT

Any thoughts? The blue reminds me of the sea and I think of some kind of winding path too.
So far:
Sea & Shadows
Brookfield Traveler (city our guild is in)
Three Decades (last yr was our 30th for guild)
Wandering Quilter
Friendship Squares
West Suburban Wonder
Quilters' Highway
Quilters' Path
Snowboud (in memory of this winter) - 2ft on the ground now
West Suburban Patch
Quilters' Puzzle (I am leaning toward this)

Help...brain dead. Any and ALL ideas so very welcome!!!
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  1. B Sisson's Avatar
    Makes me think of sea turtles for some reason
  2. PatriceJ's Avatar
    i see a snake in a trellis.

    a friendly snake, of course.
  3. accentsindesign's Avatar
    "A Point Well Taken"

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