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by , 06-27-2013 at 03:09 AM (1869 Views)
My friends father just died. He had Alzheimer's and she took care of him for 15yrs. She has requested that a quilt be made out of his clothing. I've never heard of this. Ties, yes. Clothes, no. Feedback please!
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  1. sharim's Avatar
    you can make a t-shirt quilt or tie quilt and you can use all cotton dress shirt as well, if this man wore jeans you can all make a jean quilt. I have several different patterns i downloaded from www.DIY.com if you need anymore info please send me pm and i will help you. (will be leaving the states on July 15 for 2 months - going to see my first granddaughter in Europe Hope this helped you and your friend
  2. Ittap's Avatar
    I made a quilt for a dear friend whose mother and father passed away. I made a pinwheel quilt and a Turning Twenty quilt. I loved the pinwheel quilt best, as I had more choices for the layout of the different colors. I first cut all the clothing to 6-7/8 squares. This took several months in that I had lots of clothing to cut. I used a light color to pair with the pinwheels (I used pale yellow) and when the pinwheels were done I bordered each pinwheels with a Hershey chocolate brown fabric. It was so pretty. the Turning Twenty was cut using larger pieces of the clothing. I also bordered the blocks in brown. The brown seemed to pop the colors nicely. I mixed polyester with knits, with cottons, etc., however, I stabilized them with iron-on stabilizer. I machine quilted the two quilts with no problems. Let me know if you need a pic.
  3. Sisterhood's Avatar
    Thanks so much! Please send pic to: Roxanne Self, 1118 Belmont Dr., Cookeville, TN. 38506
  4. kerry-uk's Avatar
    hi first quilt i made was out of my baby boys clothes, its on my blog
  5. read2me1989's Avatar
    We have a quilt my husband's grandmother made from his mother's clothes. She passed away when he was 18 years old. Of course, we didn't know what we had when we were young but it now hangs in our home proudly.
  6. DaphDaph's Avatar
    Bonnie Hunter has a YouTube video called deboning a shirt. You can find it on her website quiltville. You could make a scrappy quilt.
  7. judykay's Avatar
    I have made four quilts from childrens clothing, some of the clothes I took apart and did crazy quilt style,without the fancy stitches as it was boys clothes.

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